The video messaging tool for sales people

Record yourself,
your screen, or both!

Recording a video message is often faster that writing a long email!

Short and  imperfect videos performs best! Some "umms" and "ahhs" only makes the video seem more personal and relatable.
Martin Ulstrup - CSO, MailVideo

Video editing
without the hassle

Record new clips to your video, or add clips from your library
Personalize the intro and combine it with pre-recorded clips to save time
Trim the beginning and end of the clip

Send on Email, LinkedIn or anywhere!

Paste a small clickable preview of your video in your email client or messenger. You can expect a 96% higher clickrate compared to regular links.

"I often hear from prospects that they like my approach of sending personal video messages instead of generic emails "
Thorstein Nordby - CEO, Nettly

A video page that converts!

The video is shown in a simple page without distractions
Add call to action buttons
Pro tip: Add a "Book meeting" button to your videos!
Personalize the video page with your logo and brand colors

Follow up
with perfect timing

Get notified when the video is seen.
Learn how the viewer engaged with your video
Follow up on the right leads, at the right time, with the right context.

MailVideo works great with your favorite communication platforms

Get your sales team onboard

Team Library
Organize all your product videos in a shared team library. Collaborate on videos together with your team members!
Free training
We provide free training to all premium members to help you boost your unique sales processes with video
Easy administration
Set user roles, add/remove seats as you go, and manage your subscription self-service

Frequently asked questions

How is the video shared on email?

The video is shared by pasting a small preview of the video with a play button into a new email. This works in any email client. When the receiver clicks play, the video pages opens in a new tab.

Can I cancel or change my plan anytime?

Yes! You can always adjust your subscription in the "Price and Billing" page in Settings. You cannot cancel an ongoing subscription period.

Do I need any special equipment?

The integrated webcam and microphone in your laptop is all you need to make personal video messages that performs well. You can improve the video quality by not having any light source in the background, bringing the camera up to eye-level, and making sure there is not too much noise around you.

Will the videos end up in spam?

The videos should not trigger any spam filters. However, empty emails will. Make sure you always write some text in your email together with your video.

Do you provide onboarding and support?

We provide free support in the chat for all users! For Premium users we also provide free onboarding and training sessions to make sure you succeed with video!

Is my data secure?

Yes! Your data is securely stored in EU-based servers. Learn more about we handle your date in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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video selling

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