Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to your use of the MailVideo service (also referred to as "we", "us", "the service"). Mailvideo's goal is to make it easy for you as a user to create and share videos. Here you see how we handle your information and data.


MailVideo is a service where the user can create, upload and share videos.


This privacy statement applies to your use of the Mailvideo service, including your information, data and content related to this use.

Data responsible

MailVideo is owned and run by:

Mailvideo AS

Organization no.: NO 827 043 192
Askeveien 1 

0276 Oslo,


Mailvideo AS is responsible for all your data and information on MailVideo. 


Mailvideo has permission to revise this privacy policy at any time. Revision of this user agreement is notified to you as a user at least 4 weeks before they enter into force. Major changes will be notified to you as a user of Mailvideo and at the same time require your acceptance if it is considered a major change. We recommend that you keep up to date on this user agreement.

1. Data we collect

1.1 Data you provide to us and our service

User creation

When you create an account with Mailvideo, you give us the following information: name, e-mail address, user name, password. You can also choose to enter your phone number and company name. If you sign up using a Google or Microsoft account, you give our service access to view, use, and store your user data limited to the purpose of the service (read more in section 2.1).

Uploading content

You decide on what content you wish to upload and what information you provide to the service. You are responsible for the content which you upload. Content revealing confidential information should not be uploaded to Mailvideo.

2. User consent and how we use your data

2.1 Your data and content

Your data:

We use your data to give you a good user experience and deliver the service to you. In order for us to handle your data, name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc., your consent is required. 

If you sign up with a Google or Microsoft account, you are aware that our service access, uses, and store your Google or Microsoft user data, including data you have made publicly available, for purposes limited to the practices and service delivery described in this user agreement. We only request access to the minimal, technically feasible scope of access that is necessary to provide the services written in this user agreement. 

When signing up to MailVideo with a Google or Microsoft account, we use your Google or Microsoft data to show which user email address and phone number is connected to your logged in account, and display your account using your profile photo. This is only visible to you as the user, and stored by us as the service.  

If you signed up using a Google or Microsoft account, and no longer want our service to have access to any data from your Google or Microsoft account, you must delete your MailVideo account in the profile settings. 

By creating a user on Mailvideo, you also consent to us handling your data. If you do not wish to consent to this, please do not create a user on the service, or delete your user. Consent can not be withdrawn regarding previous use. If you no longer wish to consent to the use of your data, we ask you to delete your account. We will then no longer store or process your data.

Your content:

When you upload and share content, you are aware of the fact that everyone with access to the content link can see the content that is shared. MailVideo or Mailvideo AS cannot show or share your content without your written permission.

2.2 Services

Mailvideo is a service where you can easily create and share videos. The video can be edited and stored in the user's video library, or in a shared video library for the company account to which the user belongs. From there, videos can be shared via email or social media. The user can define how the video should be displayed, including company logo, title, and call to action buttons. When you share a video, you have the ability to monitor the video's activity, including its approximate viewing location, duration, and whether viewers interact with the buttons below it. It is your obligation to receive the necessary consent from the receivers for tracking the videos. If you prefer not to track the videos or wish to anonymize tracking, you may adjust accordingly in your user settings.

2.3 Communication

We will communicate with you to inform on important features, changes and updates regarding the service. We will not send you marketing material or sales material unless you have given us permission. 

2.4 User support and help

We may use your data when you request user support in order to provide you guidance and resolve your support request. 

3. How we share your data

3.1 Through MailVideo

In order for others not to have access to your information, it is important that you keep your user information such as username and password confidential. Sharing the user with others is not allowed. When using our service to share your content, you are responsible for the content and aware of the fact that anyone with the content link can view the content. 

3.2 When the law requires us to share your data

If we suspect that your content or use of the service is contrary to our terms or Norwegian law, we may share information to prevent illegal use and protect ourselves against claims from third parties, e.g. by illegal use of content owned by a third party, as well as protect ours and others' safety.

4. User options, obligations, and deletion of your account

We store your personal information during the period in which you have an account with MailVideo, and as long as we provide services to you.

You always have the right to edit and delete content and information in your video library and profile within the service. To delete videos, log in to the service, go to the video library, select the video you want to delete, and press delete. To delete other information about you and your user, log in to the service, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner, tap "My profile", and then change information or delete your user. You can also contact us and ask us to deliver the data we have stored on you.

5. Data security

We take data security seriously and do what we can to protect your data. This is done by encrypting your data through Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and Advanced Encryption Standard 256 (AES 256), which are recognized encryption standards by The National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S.A. Department of Commerce ’(NIST). We keep an active eye on our systems to prevent and counteract security breaches and data security.

6. Your rights

As a user of our services you have the following rights:

  • The right to request insight into the information we process about you
  • The right to request changes and correct information we have about you that is not correct
  • The right to request to not process your data
  • The right to have your data transferred
  • The right to withdraw your consent at any time
  • The right to file a complaint to Datatilsynet (Data inspectorate of Norway) regarding our processing of your data. 

7. Contact information

You can always contact us at and (+47) 934 02 599. We will answer you questions and support requests in a timely manner. 

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