How to customize the video page

You can customize the video sharing page to match your brand colors and logo.

Click on “Personalize” in the left side bar. Here you are able to change the colors of the video page, add logo and add favicon. 

When you click on one of the colors you would like to change here: 

Then you will notice that this page opens: 

Here you are able to change the color in 3 different ways. You can either click on the icon which allows you to copy a color from somewhere on your screen. You can drag the blue pointers to colors which match your likings. Or you can type in the specific color code.

When you open logo, you have the option to add logo and favicon

When you have uploaded your logo you can now decide the size and position of your logo on the page.

We recommend adding both favicon and logo. You may think, “what is a favicon?”

It is this: 

The small logo you see on the tabs in the browser. 

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