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MailVideo is the tool I use myself and recommend to clients to achieve better results in prospecting. I consistently receive positive feedback from potential customers who appreciate the approach of sending personalized videos instead of generic emails or cold calls.
Thorstein Nordby
MailVideo has been an incredible upselling opportunity for me as a reseller. As a consultant for sales and marketing teams, I've seen that close to 99% of my customers have never received a video message before. They are therefore eager to explore the benefits of video messaging. It's an exciting way to enhance their communication strategies and engage their audiences
Henning Karlsen
Executive Director
Using video to personalize your outreach and book meetings can be incredibly powerful. I've seen firsthand how effective it can be through my experience with podcast meeting booking. That's why we in Revenue use MailVideo as a tool to provide value to our customers and potential new customers.
Erik Jensen Liland
Executive Director

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Drive Revenue Growth: Expand your service offerings and boost your revenue by becoming a MailVideo partner. By offering video messaging solutions, you can help sales and marketing teams supercharge their communication strategies and achieve higher conversion rates. It's the perfect addition to your suite of services for client success and growth.
How we support you: As a MailVideo partner, we provide you with comprehensive training and certifications, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to effectively sell and coach your clients in video selling.
What you'll gain: By joining our partner program, you'll not only have the opportunity to enhance your clients' success but also earn attractive commissions on the recurring revenue generated. Partnering with MailVideo opens doors to new possibilities for growth and profitability.
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