Video Recorder SDK

Video Screen / Cam Recorder SDK for adding is a useful tool to add video recording capabilities to your product in a few lines of code. It's like having "Loom" in your product, but white-label and customizable. MailVideo SDK is easy to implement, affordable, and scalable.

Video Recorder SDK,
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In-app cam and screen recording
Intuitive and customizable UI
Lightweight video editing and content library

Easy to implement at scale

Well-documented video record SDK and video edit SDK. Easy to use screen record API.
Affordable and scalable
Dedicated support - With the option for custom video solutions when needed

Learn how to use video from outreach to close

MailVideo SDK Pricing


Full access to MailVideo SDK
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Video recorder and editor SDK
No MailVideo sign-in required
MailVideo branded UI
Fast and easy implementation



Custom design and features
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Custom design
Custom features
Implementation assistance
Remove all MailVideo branding


Frequently asked questions

Loom SDK Alternative - Why choose MailVideo SDK?

Loom SDK does not give users control over their own video library. All videos gets saved in your Loom account. Screen+cam recording is also limited to the same tab. With MailVideo SDK video capture, users can record screen+cam of any screen and manage their own video content library.

Can I customize the video SDK?

As a part of our implementation process, we help customize the solution to fit your needs and feel like a native part of your product.

Video SDK pricing

We offer competitive video usage costs. We charge a licence fee and implementation fee depending on the use case. Contact us for a quote.

What is video SDK? 

Whether in sales, service, or collaboration, integrating a professional Video Recorder SDK or a user-friendly Video Recording API is a strategic necessity. These tools are not just added features; they're becoming integral to the user experience. Video messaging is an essential communication tool for marketing, sales, customer support, customer success, marketplaces, and internal collaboration tools. Leveraging the best Video Recorder SDK and Video Editing Software Development Kit helps you implement video tools natively without a lengthy development from your side.

How long is the development?

By implementing our SDK you can launch video recorder, video editor, video tracking, and video content library in your tool with just a few lines of code. The implementation time from our side is usually at around 4 weeks from signing to delivery.

Is the video SDK secure?

Yes! Your data is securely stored in EU-based servers. Learn more about we handle your data in our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Data sub-processors overview.