Discover how Mansoft, a leading IT consulting firm, achieved a 30% increase in new customer meetings with MailVideo. Watch the case video to uncover their secret to success with video for sales!

How Video Boosted Mansoft's Sales Success


In the increasingly competitive world of B2B sales, organizations are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and connect more effectively with customers. Mansoft, a leading IT consulting firm, found a unique solution in MailVideo, a video messaging tool designed to add a personal touch to outreach efforts. Since implementing MailVideo, Mansoft has seen significant results and improvements in their sales process.


Mansoft reported a 4x increase in their new customer acquisition in 2022 compared to previous years. While MailVideo isn't solely responsible for this increase, it played a crucial role. The tool has not only made the sales outreach process more engaging and fun but also significantly improved interest generation.

Salespeople at Mansoft found that using MailVideo allowed them to portray their authenticity and empathetic nature, which resonated well with customers. This change in approach led to an estimated 30% increase in new customer meetings compared to using traditional phone calls. Additionally, MailVideo became a handy tool for making a final attempt to reach out to non-responsive leads, often yielding a positive response.

Mansoft also experienced differentiation in the market, as the use of video in sales outreach is still relatively novel. This resulted in a sense of "fame," making their sales process stand out amongst competitors.


The implementation of MailVideo at Mansoft was smooth. They followed MailVideo's recommendations, appointing power users and conducting weekly competitions for the "Golden Palms" award, given to the creator of the best video each week. This competition not only boosted employee engagement but also facilitated the sharing of best practices and encouraged continual improvement.

The company was successful in integrating video messaging into their regular sales routines, making it a significant and relevant supplement to their traditional outreach methods. The process of combining generic videos with personal ones was found to be incredibly intuitive, and the tool's consistent usage eventually became as natural as making a phone call for the team.

Impact on Employees:

Beyond the numerical results, MailVideo also had a positive impact on the Mansoft team. Experienced salespeople found the new sales approach refreshing, fun, and beneficial to their future career prospects. The introduction of the "Golden Palms" competition also served as a fun and motivating element, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition amongst the team members.


Given Mansoft's positive experience with MailVideo, they highly recommend the tool to any sales leader or team looking to inject some creativity into their outreach efforts and get closer to their customers and prospects. The intuitive, effective, and fun nature of MailVideo has proven to be a significant asset in Mansoft's sales strategy, and they believe other organizations could also benefit from its implementation.

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