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We talked to Camilla Bommen from SuperOffice Norway about using MailVideo to chat with customers in a fresh, direct way. Instead of sending lots of emails, they now send quick video messages to talk to clients more personally. Camilla's tip: just be yourself on camera, it's that easy to stand out!

SuperOffice Engages Buyers with Video

In today’s busy market, getting customers to notice you is a big task. We sat down with Camilla Bommen, the head of SuperOffice Norway, to talk about how they changed their approach and stood out using MailVideo. SuperOffice helps businesses find, catch, and keep customers in Norway. Let's dig into their journey and see what we can learn.

The Challenge: Getting Noticed

Before using MailVideo, the main challenge was grabbing the attention of both new and existing customers. Camilla said, "We all know that customers get lots of emails every day. We needed a way to be different, get to the point quickly, and show we are worth talking to."

The Solution: Personal Touch with Video

The team found that using video let them talk to customers in a more direct and personal way. "People are tired of endless emails. Videos help us explain complex things easily. It’s a great tool to catch and keep someone’s attention," Camilla shared.

Wide Adoption for Greater Impact

The use of video didn't stop with just a few people; the goal was to get everyone on board. "We wanted all our salespeople and project consultants to use video in talking to customers and even in marketing," said Camilla. This strategy made communication with clients more direct and allowed the team to show complex ideas simply.

Feedback and Tips

The feedback from the team has been positive, especially because MailVideo integrates smoothly with SuperOffice, making it easy to use. When asked for advice for other sales leaders, Camilla emphasized: "Be yourself and keep it natural. It doesn't have to be polished." She also recommended training to get everyone comfortable with using video.

Choosing MailVideo

SuperOffice Norway chose MailVideo because it integrated well with their system, providing a seamless and efficient experience. "It’s not too complicated and it has all the features we need," Camilla noted, highlighting the balance it offers.


In the fast-paced market, showing quickly that you understand your customer's field is vital. According to Camilla, the easiest way to do this is verbally through video, offering a direct, authentic connection. This conversation with Camilla gives us a peek into how a simple tool like MailVideo can transform the way you reach out to customers, making your approach more personal and effective. Watch the full video above!

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Øystein Samestad Hansen
CEO and Co-Founder of MailVideo

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